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Ford Nationals at Carlisle... anybody going?


Just wondered who is going to the Ford Nationals at Carlisle this year? Guess there is suppose to be a lot of Mustang and Maverick celebrations (I also have a yellow Maverick...).

I'm planning on attending as a spectator... but not taking a car (9 hour trip one way from Michigan).

i will be there Saturday. they are doing a 50 year celebration for the Boss 302

Absolutely going to be there!  Third year in a row for me and my pony Sally!  About 10 of us from our local club in Ottawa drive down (takes us about 9 hours with a lunch stop and stop at CJ Pony parts! :)).  Hope to see lots of you yellows and don't forget when you register to do so under the yellow special color showfield!!!!! (we need numbers to get a free YMR tent provided by the Carlisle staff!!!!)

Don't forget to follow the official show thread also for all show information.


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