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Mustang Owners Museum Grand Opening

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Is anyone planning to go to the Mustang Owners Museum Grand Opening in April?  I'm trying to decide whether or not to schedule some vacation days for that time but it would be more fun to attend if some YMR members are there too.

Yep, we'll be there. I have been a member almost since they first opened registration about two years ago. I'm both a Charter and Founder member.  We are staying at one of the host hotels (Sleep Inn Suites) which is located just behind the hotel that we had for the Mustang 50th Birthday Celebration Show back April of 2014. We'll be there Thursday and Friday evening. I think it's been booked full for about two months now. Theresa and I will be picking up our registration packets Thursday around noon time. From there we'll get some lunch and then head to the Speedway to take part in the Guinness World Record Parade of Mustangs @ CMS 6PM. Friday after breakfast we'll hit the Museum and leave about 2pm to pick my granddaughter up at school. She lives about 5 miles from there. We will not be attending the Hall of Fame Dinner Friday evening. Saturday we'll be back at the track by 10am to attend the show and do the ​Parade Laps around Charlotte Motor Speedway starting at 12PM. After that we'll do dinner somewhere before heading home. We will not be doing the Saturday Night Banquet at Cabarrus Arena. If you guys go we'll get together at the show or museum and do dinner. Maybe there will be a few other YMR members there as well.

Wish we could be in two places at one time....would really like to go there.  We'll just have to wave at you guys from Naples, Italy.

Ol Yeller:
We'll be there Fri and or Sat. not sure which yet.  ???

My dad and I will be there Thursday for the Guinness World Record Parade and we'll be back again on Saturday for parade laps around the track.


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