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Knew one day I'd have to broach this subject but hoped Baby would be at least twenty before I did. The top looks good on my 03 GT but the liner attached to the glass above the rear window has torn around 8 inches... Didn't notice it until we took it through a touchless car wash and we got a wash along with the exterior as the water sprayed right through the hole. Ideas on who has at least a factory quality top? Going to find a local shop for install...

I had that same problem with mine when I replaced it back in 04. I looked online and found some good prices but it was a good thing I didn't order one of them. The only shop in town that replaced vert tops said he would only stand behind the installation if he used the brand of top he sold. Cost $900 for the top and install. I felt like I'd been robbed, but no problems since then. 


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