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Thanks to the YMR members at NPD Roundup for helping me.

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I still wasn't able to login with the password you got for me, but I periodically kept trying. Finally I was able to change the password today, and instead of having to wait for approval it actually logged me in.....HOORAY !  It must be Karma, because today I happened to get my yellow YMR shirt, and also the extra YMR registered number decals I ordered.

Considering my first outing with YMR at the Pigeon Forge event.

So glad you finally got in and are on the forums. Coming to Pigeon Forge will be a great way to get introduced to the family! Hope to see you there.

Just made our reservations the other night. No discounted rooms left at the Inn at Christmas Place, so we have them at the Inn on the River which is just across the street. Looking forward to it !

There are some other discounts which might apply.  They give discounts for AAA Auto Club, AARP, and usually have some multiple night stay discounts.  Did you ask about any other discounts?  I know some have booked with a different discount after our block was booked.  It really is a great place to stay.

I had checked with them, and the best deal I could get at that time was $179 per night.  I don't have AARP or AAA.  I got a room across the street for $126 per night. Easy walk over to the Inn at Christmas Place.  Maybe next year we will decide earlier.


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