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As you are all aware, our old forums database become corrupt and the only backup copy I had available has not imported correctly.  This has led me to bring on a new forum utilizing a different software that is both more powerful as well as free and able to be upgraded constantly. 

With that, welcome to our new forums.  I will be populating this as time goes on with the same categories we had before, just bear with me while the categories are built and populated with info.


Thanks for re-registering everyone!  We really appreciate your patience as we work through this.

Not sure how the site works, first time trying to enter a 'discussion'. I do have an issue that concerns me regarding a noise from my engine.(3.8)  I hear a squeaking noise that is intermittent depending on engine load. Reading other sites, it sounds like it may be the cam position sensor. How can one test that to verify prior to ripping things apart?


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