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Mustang Week


Good news gang, Mustang Week is back on the menu. Now that it's been moved to a little cooler temps in the 80s we're going to restart our clubs participation with the biggest Mustang event on the east coast. No more temps in the high 90s and low 100s. The summer congestion is gone and prices are more affordable for hotels and entertainment throughout the Grand Strand. The host hotel will be posted this week, dinner and other events will be posted in weeks to come. Kevin wanted a big event towards the end of the show season. With Mustang Week being moved to September, it worked out perfect for a season bookend show. Fun in the sun is back.... ;D   

Ol Yeller:
We're soooooo glad the YMR has become a part of the "Best Week of the Year" again  Woooohooo!!!. We go to MW every year and the crowds only get bigger & better. Last year was the first time they had moved it to Labor Day week and it was great! Less traffic, never waited in line at any restaurants, and pretty much had the beach to ourselves. We look forward to seeing a big turnout of YMR Family and Rick does an excellent job in scheduling the diners/events for everyone to enjoy. So if you've never been to Mustang Week or you go every year, make plans to head on down.

Can't wait to see all of y'all again! MW can't get here fast enough  8)

Ol Yeller:
Registration for the Friday Show will open on May 12th. Be sure to visit the web site to register. It will sell out QUICKLY! By that I mean in a day or two!!! You will have the option of registering to have your car judged or for display only.


--- Quote from: 03BananaSaleen on April 18, 2018, 10:50:32 AM ---Can't wait to see all of y'all again! MW can't get here fast enough  8)

--- End quote ---

With this being our first official event at Mustang Week in many years, i'm settin up this years YMR/Mustang Week show with a eye towards reliving some memories. And with you being there also Stu, it's gonna be just like old times.......


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