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Need 25 registered to get our showfield tent- Please register ASAP

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We need a minimum of 25 members signed up at Carlisle under the Yellow Mustang Registry as your club to get our Tent on the Show Field free. Last year unfortunately even though we had over 25 yellows park with us, not everyone registered as YMR members so we had to pay for the tent. Lets not make that mistake again this year.... (I have to pay up front...LOL). Newbies: there is a choice of clubs to register under when you pay your show field registration.... please make sure you assign your club as "The Yellow Mustang Registry". Also, If you are coming with a friend who is also bringing a mustang they can register as a YMR member too. The more the merrier!! Any questions, post here.

Please reply here if and when you registered with Carlisle...   :D

All registered and hotel booked!

All signed up and hotel booked as well.  Here is the registration link under the "special colours showfield"  Lets do this Yellows!!!! :)

Kim and Sue Paige from Daytona will be there 8)


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