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For all members who wish to attend the Official Mustang Week Show on Friday you must first register your car on the Mustang Week website. Registration opens on the website on May 12th. You can register to have your car judged or just to show. Prices for each will be available at the time of registration. You must choose one or the other if you want to park in the show field on Friday. It will sell out amazingly fast. Mustang week website ; 
Registration for the Friday Show will open on May 12th. Be sure to visit the web site to register. It will sell out QUICKLY! By that I mean in a day or two!!! You will have the option of registering to have your car judged or for display only.
Looking forward to it! They've treated us great every year!
Now that Cristina is done with school and out working in the Real World, the 3 of us will be there! Arriving Wednesday night and leaving Sunday morning. Can't wait to see everyone! :)

About time you guys come on down again!
We Are coming but staying at the Howard Johnson Pigeon Forge from Tuesday to Sunday.

You rested enough from Cuba layovers to make the trip?  ;D
Nathan, I have you down for 2 rooms.  I'm anxious to see how much the little one has grown.

It's absolutely ridiculous. You'll barely recognize him!
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believe that
Please .add Lew and Pat Mesta
Lew and Pat Mesta will be there Thursday and Friday.  We'd like to go to dinner on Thursday too. Looking forward to seeing everyone!
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I can't
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