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General Discussion / Re: TWO WORD STORY
« Last post by lpmesta on September 19, 2018, 10:58:20 AM »
9:30, we'll
Videos from Mustang Week 2018             

Video from Mustang Week sponsor CJ Pony Parts...Awesome

No music just the sights and sounds of Mustang Week 2018

This was in the parking lot across from The Boat House Restaurant on Monday evening before Mustang Week even started.

2018 Mustang Week Official Burnout Competition

Drag Day

Track Day

Fun at Suck Bang Blow restaurant
More fun at Suck Bang Blow

Various other Mustang Week 2018 Videos
Thank you Rick for putting all this together for us to come and enjoy!
Well gang another awesome Mustang Week has done burn-outs thru Myrtle Beach once again and it just keeps getting bigger and better. There were just to many Mustangs to count. Mustang Week staff did a great job. Our members had a full week of Mustang Shows, late night games of LRC, plenty of time in the pools, on the beach and ocean. It was absolutely perfect beach weather all week. The dinners at Sticky Fingers and Capt Johns were great along with two unplanned dinners at Hooters and one at Rude Dicks. I kept hearing about this place called Suck Bang Blow. Don't know much about it but who knows, maybe it'll be on the dinner list for next year. This show turned out to be a great Mustang celebration and a nice Labor Day week vacation. Mustang Week is the biggest Mustang show on the east coast. It's only fitting that YMR be a part of it. Anytime you put those yellows in a line it's cameras and cell phone pictures everywhere we go. This years "YMR Sunning on the Beach" was a great restart to this show by our club and served notice to Mustang Week.....YMR is Back... I would like to thank all who attended and invite all who will to join us next year. It's gonna be great time..... ;D 
Lineup at Captain John's Seafood; Dave Musgrave's winning Saleen; Tim and Amanda Taylor's winning '66
Pics from the unofficial Monday night Meet-n-Greet at the link below......"
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